Peter Schoeffer

Born in 1976 in New York State USA, BA University of Vermont 1999. Lives and works in Glasgow.

...An interest in the spaces where what is constructed interfaces with what is organic, particularly regarding consumptive mechanisms. I am interested in how we gather and are guided by contextually pre-meditated information.

Specifically, in my painting I have found that distorting repetition and cross indexing between images has allowed me to simulate the idea of control over the viewers' reading of contextual information. I have become fascinated with the tensions between these constructed illusions within site-specific contexts, as a way of limiting ones ability to compare and consume what is at hand. Video, sculpture, drawing and a sort of self-reflexive performative research are becoming an integral part of my practice as I go along. I hope to rule the world one day, and open my own chain of shopping malls...



  • untitled a of b
  • Rocking Sculpture
  • untitled b of a
  • Infectious Point of View
  • mallwalk series 3
  • mallwalk series 4