Kitty Finer


Kitty Finer was born in London in 1985 and presently lives and works in Glasgow. She has shown her paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos in and around the UK, and has performed in both planned and impromptu solo performances across the world.

A committed songwriter, Kitty has performed her songs in bands of her own devising and has also played drums in Aaron Williamson's 'country and deafness' band Clippety Clop.

She builds temporary bars, which sometimes last, and is the instigator and proprietor of the 'flat pack' Mari Paz Gallery.


I have been, and continue to be, interested in making work on a small scale. This decision, with an unapologetic intention to give a sense of pleasure and intrigue to the viewer, is partly the result of a desire to control my practice by keeping it in my own hands.

Although I often work in small dimensions, I aim to encourage the viewer to scale up the work in his or her own mind. My hope is that the work will engender a feeling of anticipation rather than nostalgia.

  • Pez Plinths
  • Plates in situ
  • Bar and Sign
  • Mari Paz Gallery
  • Mayor Making (extract)