Emma Fitts

b. New Zealand. Currently lives and works in Glasgow and London.

Through an interest in the open-endedness of the everyday, my practice investigates the anthropological and sociological significance of objects and structures that exist in familiar surroundings. Seeing indeterminacy in its own right I work with objects to question their possible levels of significance and hidden truths. Using simple techniques, materials and modes of presentation my work reinvests the importance of the hand-made as a means to reconnect the viewer with their environment and surrounding objects.





  • Installation view of 'Drawn Transcripts 1-12' & 'Modeled I2terpretations 1-12'
  • Drawn Transcript No.1
  • Modeled Interpretations No.s 1- 5
  • Untitled
  • Untitled (detail)
  • Truffle Paper Wrapper