Amy Marletta

My work stems from creating situations with people, which manifest in recordings but are very much about the moment of interaction. As important as the direct experience of an event, in all its unpredictability and fleetingness, is the aftermath, where we select which details to remember and re-tell. It's in the mutation of information as it filters from one person to the next or as it is removed from one context to another, that something new and unexpected can occur. I often take video footage and audio through a process of cutting, sampling and manipulation, considering how fragments of past processes can be re visited, re-presented and experienced again in the present.

My recent videos are rooted in situations I have instigated involving 'Dance Troupe', an ever changing group of friends who let me direct them in dance routines, reigniting a desire that had been left behind in my disco dancing youth. Naïve attempts at controlled and synchronised movements let loose flaws of an individual nature. These flaws that occur in the gap between instruction and interpretation, as information is processed and relayed, enable a kind of ambiguity or 'off-ness' that to me is more interesting than unison.

  • Breathing Is Important'
  • Untitled (Dance Moves)
  • The Snake Bite'
  • The Warm Up
  • Patty Melt & Dance Troupe performance